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Hello Webmasters & Site Admin's

We are a hosting company (Buy4Less Hosting Co.), that focuses in traffic surf website hosting! - We currently have extra Traffic surf domain name inventory, as when our team gets a great idea for a new product or website, we go and register a domain for it.

Then, we either never actually get around to finishing the project or even starting it in some cases, and the domain just sits there . . . completely unused.

We literally have over 200 domain names that we will never get around to using, but could be great traffic surf sites domains name for someone would actually put it to good use.

So we decided to start selling some of these domains, and started our own domain marketplace (Buy4Less-Domain), to be able to offer & sell them directly to webmaster and site admin.'s for far less than what we could get if we put these up for auction elsewhere.

Some of these traffic surf domains could be great for membership traffic exchange surf sites, and a great ways to build your mailing list, and some would be great for a traffic blog type sites. There are a lot of different ways these domains could be used.

They just need someone who has the time to put them into good use, Well you now have the opportunity to get this top level traffic surf domain names at a bargain price.

First, the specifics.

  • Most of there domain are register through as the domain registrar.  If you buy one of these domains, you will need to have a account so we can transfer the domain to you at no extra cost - it is free to get an account there, and once I transfer it to you there, you are free to transfer it to any registrar you want.  This is the easiest, and more importantly the quickest way to get the domain to you.

  • Once we transfer the domain to you, you will be responsible for hosting the domain, We do offer hosting at our sister site (Buy4Less Hosting Co.).

  • Please note that you are purchasing just the domain name, these domain do not come with any product, script or website hosting.

  • No refund will not be issued once the domain transfer process has begun. A refund request can be issued if we have not yet begun the transfer process.

  • We are willing and will consider any reasonable offers on some of these traffic surf domain names.  Please contact me directly via my email (see link below) with any reasonable offers.  Keep in mind, however, that while you are negotiating a price, someone else may decide to use the Buy-It-Now (BIN Button) and grab that domain ahead of you at the BIN price!.

Now that we have that out of he way, here are some of the domains that are currently offering for sale at this time:



I'm sure you can think of several different ways to use these domains.  Make your decision quickly, you don't want to miss out on a perfect domain for your next project while you're thinking about it.

The amount of time this takes can vary, but the domain should be fully transferred to you with 48 hours.  From there, you can start putting it to good use!

If you have any questions about this, please submit a ticket to my support desk at  Please be sure to submit the ticket under the category called "Domains For Sale" to ensure a quick reply.

Obviously, I can only sell each domain to one person only.  Once someone has ordered a domain, it will no longer be available.  To make sure you get the domain name you want, place your order as soon as you can.

Refunds: A refund will not be issued once the domain transfer process has begun.  A refund will only be issued if I have not yet begun the transfer process.

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you find the domain that's right for you!




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